If you’re considering becoming a kratom wholesaler, you first want to look at the many different product options available to you. We offer a wide range of different kratom produces, including our full-spectrum, all-natural kratom isolate. Anyone who is preparing to offer wholesale kratom herb extract should think about adding our kratom isolate to their offerings. In fact, it can be the cornerstone of your entire wholesale operation.

Kratom Full Spectrum Extract Powder
Kratom Full Spectrum Extract Powder

We don’t offer kratom isolate to all of our customers. Instead, we only offer our pure isolate kratom extract powder to those who are planning to further process it into another product. In addition to offering the isolate, we also offer pure alkaloid suspension bottles that can be used to further sell and market your products. These bottles can be fully customized to your business, too.

What Is Full-Spectrum Kratom Isolate Extract?

Full-spectrum kratom isolate, sometimes abbreviated to kratom FSIE, contacts all of the alkaloids found in the kratom leaf. These alkaloids are not modified—they are present in the extract in the same ratios as you would find in the leaves. This means full-spectrum isolate extract is as close as you can get to the kratom leaf without making use of the kratom herb in your products.

Two kratom leaves.
Kratom Leaves (Image Source: Wikimedia)

Why is this important? As with any type of herb, nature has found the perfect balance of alkaloids over time for these plants to prosper. One of the reasons kratom is such a powerful supplement is because of the perfect balance of the 25 different alkaloids it contains. When used independently or when the balance is changed, you can still benefit. However, the benefits may not be as intense. There’s also the risk of unknown side effects caused by unbalancing the alkaloids. The effects of using kratom herbal extracts made from less than full-spectrum isolate may not be as strong, either.

Should I Purchase Wholesale Kratom Herb Extract?

If you’re planning on buying kratom wholesale and reselling it to customers, you should certainly consider full spectrum extract powder. Products that make use of only mitragynine or other alkaloids can be effective, but they don’t offer everything. Those that contain artificial ingredients and fillers can have bad side effects or may not be as potent. The only way to offer everything the kratom plant provides in nature is to use full-spectrum isolate extract in the product. This extract can be used to create kratom capsules users take orally. It can also be mixed into hot water to create a tea or added to other teas. You can even add it to a milkshake. None of this reduces the potency of the extract or changes the benefits your clients will receive.

A closeup of a kratom leaf.
Full-Spectrum Kratom Isolate Is As Close To The Plant As You Can Get (Image Source: Wikimedia)

There are studies that have looked at kratom isolate extract and its uses. In Southeast Asia, kratom has been used for over 150 years for relaxation and energy. It’s been used to treat diarrhea, muscle spasms, and other issues as well. The leaves are often chewed or boiled into a tea. This means native users have been absorbing full-spectrum, all-natural kratom for decades.

How Does Kratom Isolate Extract Compare to Other Products?

One thing you do need to make clear to your clients is that any product containing full-spectrum kratom isolate is going to be very potent. That’s great for some people. However, it may not be ideal for everyone. Individuals who do want to use kratom regularly may actually need a smaller dose. Their bodies will build up a tolerance to kratom over time. Taking full-spectrum kratom isolate extract will make it easier to hit that tolerance level more quickly. Once that happens, your clients will need to take more kratom at a time to reach their desired results. There is a safe limit on the amount of the herb to use at once, and you want to make certain your clients are not reaching that limit.

Kratom leaves.
Full Spectrum Kratom Isolate Is Very Potent (Image Source: Wikimedia)

Because of this, you want to be certain your clients aren’t over-using isolate extract. You may want to offer it alongside a number of other products made from kratom leaves and alkaloids. As long as they contain no artificial fillers (none of our products do), they’re perfectly safe and will give your clients some results. They’re not as potent, but that’s not necessarily bad for some people. Offering a wide variety of products also means you can attract a wider number of customers.

When it comes to taking kratom, isolate extract is gaining popularity. It doesn’t have the same bitter taste that kratom powder has. This bitterness can be so bad that some people report feeling a little nauseous if they take more than several grams at a time. Kratom isolates don’t have this taste because they simply remove the tasteless alkaloids from the leaves. Clients also don’t need to take as much kratom extract, making it a more economical option.

Starting an Herbal Extracts Business

If you plan on purchasing our kratom isolate extract for use in your own products, you do want to know how kratom works and who would benefit from it. You will want to do your own research, of course. It also helps to have a partner who has knowledge of kratom resin extract and other products. You don’t want to sell any kratom product that you later discover isn’t fully safe or natural. That’s why we’re here. We will assist you in learning our offerings and which ones may be the best option for you.If you’re thinking about using all-natural, full-spectrum kratom isolate extract in your products, contact us today with your questions and to apply for a wholesale or drop-shipping account.