Kratom has several different forms. Some forms include tablets, powder, and a liquid. Our wholesale kratom liquid extract can make a liquid supplement. When this extract mixes with a tincture, the result is a quick and easy way of consuming this supplement. Plus, it helps hide the bitter taste of kratom that some users report, too. However, because it is made from kratom extract, you do not lose any of the alkaloids that make kratom so beneficial. There are many reasons why you may want to add kratom tincture products to what you already offer your customers. Here are a few your customers may want to know first.

The Benefits of Wholesale Kratom Liquid Extract

Like other kratom products, liquid kratom has a number of different benefits. In Thailand, Vietnam, and other locations where the herb grows, it has been used for over a hundred years as a natural medication. Natives have consumed it or made a tea from its leaves to help with diarrhea, high blood pressure, chronic pain, and other conditions. It also has incredible stimulant powers. People may use kratom in the morning in place of coffee or in the afternoon for an extra burst of energy.

For others, kratom can have the opposite effect. It can make them feel relaxed to the point that they fall asleep. Because of this, it is also incredibly effective as a natural sleep aid. Since kratom affects people differently, every customer will want to see how it works for them before they invest. This is one thing you should remember when selling kratom—offering trial sizes can be a very good idea. It could be exactly what your customers want until they feel the benefits for themselves.

Higher doses of kratom liquid extract will have more profound effects. Customers may report feeling a general numbness or feeling of content. Others may experience a type of waking dream state. These experiences can be risky if the person isn’t at home or in a safe place, however. This is why using kratom always needs to be done responsibly.

How to Make Liquid Kratom

Most people are familiar with kratom powder or extract. In order to start creating the liquid form, this extract or the actual leaves of the kratom plant get dissolved in a solution made of ethanol. This creates a tincture that contains the same alkaloids found in kratom extract. You can then take the liquid kratom by filling up the dropper and placing the liquid under your tongue. This helps the body quickly absorb it. However, customers should wait a few minutes before drinking anything else.

A number of people do find the liquid, like the powder, to taste quite bitter. Fortunately, the kratom alkaloid suspension combines easily with tea, water, or any other beverage. This will help hide the taste and make it easier to take kratom. The body will not absorb the kratom quite as quickly, however. Liquid kratom doesn’t need to go through the digestive tract, so it will begin to take effect within minutes.

How Much Liquid Kratom Should Someone Take?

The amount of one dose of liquid kratom will vary from person to person. Those who are new to using kratom will only want to take a dropper of the liquid. Some may even feel more comfortable using half a dropper of kratom their first time out. This will let them get an idea of how the herb will affect them. If they find that they don’t feel anything after about 20 minutes, they may need to take a little more.

Once they’ve become more comfortable with kratom, they can determine their ideal dose. Most people report that one dropper is enough to help them relax and or to give them that boost of energy they want. Other people, especially those using kratom to help with pain, may need to take two droppers at a time. People who use kratom regularly can build up a tolerance to it, so users may have to increase their dosage over time. Customers should be aware that they shouldn’t exceed two droppers at a time.

For the most part, one 1.5 ml bottle of liquid kratom is equal to about an ounce of powdered kratom. You can usually get up to ten doses from one bottle, which is about the same as you’d get with powder made from kratom resin extract.

Before taking kratom or any other herbal extract, customers should discuss it with their doctor. Kratom can interact with different medications, so it’s always best to understand those interactions before taking it.

We Offer a Wide Range of Wholesale Herbs

In addition to kratom, we offer a number of other wholesale herbs. All of these products provide a number of benefits to customers, and we offer them all wholesale. Here are just a few of the other products we offer in addition to kratom:

Image of green leaf trees and plants inside a rainforest, showing different herbs.
We Have a Wide Range of Herbs (Image Source: Pexels)
  • Akuamma
  • Blue Lotus, Pink Lotus, Red Lotus, and White Lotus
  • Kava Kava
  • Sakae Naa
  • Kanna
  • Dream Herb
  • Damiana
  • Wild Lettuce
  • Wild Dagga
  • Sinicuichi
  • Mulungu
  • California Poppy
  • Passion Flower

In total, we have over 700 different products available to resellers. We have carefully curated this list of products to ensure that they are all natural and safe for customers. They are made from the highest-quality ingredients and do not contain any artificial fillers. Offering some of these other products in addition to kratom can help you appeal to more customers and provide the products your clients want.

Natural herbs allow for people to feel good when taking them and worry much less about potential side effects. By selling herbal remedies for several common ailments, you can become the turn-to authority on kratom, or whichever herbs you decide to sell. People can easily research the herbs they want to try, then come to you to try them out. It quickly becomes a win-win situation for you and your customers.

Ready to Begin Selling Kratom Wholesale?

If you are prepared to start selling kratom and other herbs, we are here to help. By buying kratom liquid wholesale, you can save money and have the inventory you need. If you’re ready to begin this new venture, don’t delay. Contact us to apply for a wholesale or drop-shipping account.