Try our wholesale liquid kratom products as a sterilized, cleaner alternative to kratom powder and capsules. Specifically, our wholesale liquid kratom super-concentrate empowers users to enjoy kratom’s benefits while reducing the inconveniences of kratom powder. In addition, users can consume liquid kratom discreetly. This is an advantage in a society where kratom is not always accepted or understood.

Wholesale Kratom: bulk orders & drop ship powder, crushed leaf, capsule, extract, isolate, liquid concentrate, tablet, live plants

What Is Liquid Kratom?

This is a common question in the kratom market, and it’s fairly difficult to answer. That’s because multiple suppliers produce liquid kratom. In addition, liquid kratom products vary significantly, depending on the:

Liquid kratom
  • Strain of kratom used
  • Potency of the solution
  • Additives included

In essence, liquid kratom is kratom extract from the Mitragyna speciosa tree in a powerful liquid form. This tree is native to Southeast Asia with leaves containing the alkaloids 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine.

We offer a wholesale liquid kratom tincture containing:

  • Green vein kratom
  • Red vein kratom
  • White vein kratom
  • Yellow vein kratom
kratom tincture

Another liquid kratom product we offer is our kratom alkaloid suspension, which contains:

  • Green vein kratom
  • Red vein kratom
  • Kratom strains

Finally, we offer liquid kratom wholesale in the super concentrate mentioned above. Buying this product wholesale allows you to bottle in-house. If your business can handle bottling, this assures maximum savings. You’ll save on shipping costs due to in-house labor and packaging. Because you can pocket these savings, this is truly an advantage for your bottom line. Alternatively, we can work with you to develop a private label, drop-shipped product so that you never have to hold inventory on your shelves.

Liquid kratom can also come in the form of shots for users to take on the go. However, it’s difficult to know exactly what is in these shots. You also don’t know how much you’ll get of each of the alkaloids contained in kratom. Further, liquid kratom shots often contain artificial sweeteners and colors. This is counterintuitive to the goals of taking naturally occurring herbal supplements. By contrast, we offer a reliable, consistent product to get your customers what they really need.

Why Buy Kratom Wholesale?

A naturally occurring herb, not an opiate (also known as an opioid), people report chronic pain relief associate with their kratom use. Additionally, people who take kratom report its effectiveness at increasing focus and energy and reducing anxiety and depression. This is reportely due to kratom working as a mu-opioid receptor agonist. Meaning, it binds to the specific receptor sites in the brain that opiates do.

As mentioned, our selection of wholesale liquid kratom extract products contain multiple combinations of white, red, yellow and green veins. They also contain various kratom strains. According to kratom users, these different strains produce the varying and unique effects mentioned above.

Is Kratom Safe?

Due to a lack of peer-reviewed studies, use of this herbal supplement is not officially approved for medical purposes. Consequently, people must rely on the community for recommended dosages. This is why it’s so important to rely on a company like ours to provide you with a safer, sterilize product. Our experience with kratom in its many forms makes us a trustworthy partner for your business.

The Many Benefits of Kratom

Many types of people turn to kratom for various ailments. These include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of focus
  • Low immunity

When they take smaller doses, users report feeling calmer and more euphoric. They also note  feeling more energized and awake with smaller doses. On the other hand, they report experiencing pain relief with higher doses. Kratom products, including liquid kratom, provide consumers with a safer alternative to opioids, without the riskof dependency or other undesirable side effects that come with prescription drugs.

Where Can I Buy Wholesale Liquid Kratom?

It’s not always easy to find a trusted vendor of kratom products. That’s why we’re here. You can partner with us to provie your customers with the highest quality kratom liquid extract.

Buying wholesale liquid kratom from Kratom Collection will ensure customer satisfaction. Whatever the size of your operation, we will provide them safe, top-quality kratom they can depend on. We also work with our drop-shipping clients nationwide. They take orders, we fulfill them, and your customers get their desired products. This is a great option when you don’t want products sitting around so long that they lose their potency.

Liquid Kratom vs Kratom Powder

When taking kratom, the manner of consumption is important to consider. Many people start with kratom powder. However, consumers of the powder often report that they find weighing kratom powder to get the right dose difficult, as well as messy and time-consuming. Also, the packaging for kratom powder can make it light and fluffy or densely packed. This can increase confusion about getting the right dose. It’s essential to use a scale when taking kratom powder. This will avoid getting a lower or higher dose than desired.

On the other hand, liquid kratom is favored by many users due to its convenience. They also enjoy knowing more confidently that they are getting an accurate dose. In addition, it allows them to avoid the messiness associated with kratom powder.

Providing Kratom Wholesale to Users Directly

If you want to provide liquid kratom directly to consumers, we offer three main products to choose from. You can opt to sell all of them to provide a safer alternative to opioids that people use or pain relief and other consumer ailments. On the other hand, you can focus on one product and one ailment. To decide the best way to build your inventory, find out what your customers want and target that. They deserve to receive the products that are dependable and effective.

From reducing anxiety to increasing focus, and relieving pain to increasing energy, our liquid kratom will provide. Your wholesale liquid kratom products that you buy or drop-ship are sterilized and safe. This means peace of mind for you and your customers when you buy from the Kratom Collection Shop. Please reach out to us and apply for one of our wholesale or drop-shipping accounts. We want to work with you to become a successful seller of top-quality kratom products that are safe and effective.