We have set up a new email for BTC payments to streamline the process.

  1. STEP 1: Place your order on the website
  2. STEP 2: Email for a fresh address
  3. STEP 3: Reply back to that email and confirm once you’ve paid.
  4. STEP 4: We will verify payment and begin processing your order.



Below is the standard method of submitting Bitcoin orders. The above method is easier and faster:

In an effort to bring you the most options, we have enabled a plugin to process Bitcoin automatically through our shopping cart. Bitcoin is the most popular currency of the so-called cryptocurrencies. Aside from being a virtual commodity like a digital form of gold, Bitcoin can be used to purchase actual merchandise. In this respect, it is superior to gold, which typically has to be liquidated into cash before it can be spent. Bitcoin’s value fluctuates like a stock, so the value of the products on this site in bitcoin with be dependent on the current price of Bitcoin at the time of your order.

If you wish to make a Bitcoin purchase without putting an order through the system, you can contact us with your order for manual processing.  Please be aware that by not putting your order in the system, it could affect your eligibility for 1st order discounts.

Check or Money Order by Mail

You can print out a copy of the “Printable Order Form” found in the footer of the website if you’d like to pay by check or money order. Be sure to make the check payable to World SS Inc. We will not be able to cash it if it is made out incorrectly. The address is on the order form. You do not need to make an order on the website to use the printable order form. But please be sure to include your email for us to send tracking, and be sure to clearly write or type your address, so we can be sure it is sent to the correct place. If you have an order number, you can include that for reference.

Alternatively, you may also print out your shopping cart instead of filling out the order form. Be sure the entire order is included, especially the page with your, email, shipping and billing info.

ACH (Echeck) powered by GreenMoney

ACH is just like using a check, only you are transmitting the data electronically.  Electronic checks are completely secure, and you are not giving out any additional information than you would by giving out a personal check. Paper checks also contain your name, bank account number and routing number. This is the same info an Echeck uses to enact a payment.  The only difference is that you do not waste the paper it takes to make a check or the time it takes to mail a check.  We use Green Money as a processor to handle our ACH processing.

Additional Payment Methods

If there is another form of payment you think is suitable, please let us know. We will accommodate as mush as we can, but please be aware that not all payment methods are supported.