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The Kratom Collection Mission

Diversity is the key concept behind our Kratom Collection. We offer a full range of wholesale kratom with possibly the single most diverse range of wholesale kratom options available anywhere. In addition to wholesale kratom powder, we offer crushed leaf, wholesale capsules, a full portfolio of extracts, and naturally-extracted pure isolate in a variety of liquid and tablet forms.  We can even arrange partnerships to provide live kratom plants to your customers. So we highly encourage anyone looking for wholesale to get in contact with us to discuss how we can work together.  We work directly with a lab to produce extracts and isolates, so we can offer you customized options that cater to your specific needs.

Sterilized, Superior Quality Kratom Powder

Our kratom powder is consistently superior quality with an extensive selection of 19 strains of sterilized powder. Our sterilized powder comes in 25kg boxes and undergoes a certified treatment process.  You can have confidence in receiving properly vetted product. When cashflow matters, the unforeseen can set you back and cause you headaches.  Of all options, we believe this process presents the most secure product, so you can avoid the problems that will delay or prevent you from putting your product on the shelf.

We have maintained the same supply for many years, and it has proven to stand up against the competition when we consider the consistent success of all of our clients. Aside from the longevity of our business relationships, we are able to use them as models to gauge the performance of our product beyond our immediate scope. The common result is success and satisfaction.  So you can be sure we are striving to offer clean, quality product with an emphasis on diversity.  And if 19 strains is not enough, we have more options to suit your every need.

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Kratom: Wholesale Capsules of Sterilized Powder

In addition to powder, we offer capsules of our sterilized kratom powder available in all four primary colors. Available strains include white, red and green maeng da as well as yellow Vietnamese.  We also offer White Borneo and Super Green Malaysian. All capsules are filled commercially in size 00 capsules. Some vendors try to cap themselves using cheaper semi-automatic equipment, but these do not give a uniform product like you’ll experience with professional capping. 

Such capping requires large minimum orders, since the machines have to be properly cleaned in between batches, so we do not cap every strain of powder we offer. However, we can arrange capping of additional strains depending on the size of your order.  Otherwise, wholesale kratom capsules typically come in boxes of 12,000 capsules. Each capsule contains about 600mg powder on average.  If you’re a smaller vendor, we so have some options available by the kilo as well, including akuamma (picralima nitida) capsules.

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Wholesale Kratom Extracts

We also offer a full range of high quality powdered kratom extracts. Our cheapest kratom extract is our 20X, which is one of the best-performing extracts we have ever worked with.  This is an economical but still good quality extract for the price It is a lighter extract than a lot of other economical extracts and higher quality than what you would typically find at a better price. We then have a Platinum extract, which is a dark, dense extract. And to round out our ability to meet every need, we’ve commissioned the lab we partner with to produce 3 more extracts. These include 15%, 25% and a 35% mitragynine extract powders.  So excluding totally worthless products, we can offer options that cover the full range of potencies from economical right up to pure isolate.

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All-Natural Full Spectrum Kratom Isolate

We are fortunate enough to be able to offer the best all natural, full spectrum kratom isolate available.  It is the result of a unique process, and it does not involve using any toxic chemicals. The result is a natural isolate that maintains the alkaloid profile of the leaf. This is available in all three vein colors. We generally do not sell the pure isolate powder, except for further processing in a bona fide project.  For qualifying businesses, feel free to discuss your needs. But for everyone else,  we do offer alkaloid liquid customized to almost any need. 

We can offer competitive pricing on pure alkaloid suspension bottles. We typically offer this in 150mg and 225mg options per 10ml bottle. The milligrams refers to the weight of full spectrum isolate, and the ml refers to the amount of liquid per bottle.  And each of these strengths can be done with alkaloid from the vein color of your choice. Unlike buying a branded bottle, you can customize these bottles to meet your exact individual needs. As long as the order is sizeable, you can choose the size, strength, bottle type, vein color and even more.

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Liquid Kratom Super-Concentrate

Aside from the many bottling options, we also offer the liquid in a super concentrate, which allows you to handle bottling in-house for maximum savings.  For those who can undertake bottling, the super concentrate presents a significant opportunity to save on shipping costs, using your own labor and packaging, so you can pocket those savings and maximize profits.  This is truly an advantage.

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Wholesale Pure Kratom Isolate Tablets

To compliment the liquid selection, we began pressing pure kratom isolate tablets several years ago. This is not to be confused with powdered kratom tablets. This is the essence of kratom, in its natural profile, calibrated and pressed.  These kratom tablets are commercially pressed, available in all 3 vein colors and in both 50mg and 75mg options. This is a nice hard tablet that won’t easily break.  We have wholesale pricing options on the 50mg tablets for even the smallest vendor, and we can accommodate orders of just about any size. These are a unique product that can compliment any line, so do not hesitate to reach out to us and get on board.

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Wholesale Kratom Liquid

Ultimately, we offer kratom liquid in any option you can fathom, we have a massive selection of powder with special attention on cleanliness, we offer capsules and tablets in all vein colors, we have extracts on all levels of the spectrum and we offer crushed leaf too. But if your needs go beyond kratom, we can help you there too! We deal with over 700 products, including all common and many uncommon botanicals such as Akuamma, Blue Lotus, Kava Kava, MItragyna Hirsuta, Sakae Naa,  Indian Warrior, Kanna, Dream Herb, Damiana, Wild Lettuce, Wild Dagga, Sinicuichi, Mulungu, California Poppy, Passion Flower, Pink Lotus, White Lotus, Red Lotus and more.  We want to hear from you. Let us know how we can work together.  

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Kratom at Wholesale Prices

Kratom Collection has one of the broadest selections of kratom strains available anywhere online. Whatever you need—whether it’s live plants or kratom wholesale by the kilo, we’ve got you covered.