We offer exchanges on all kratom powder and leaf.   Simply return at least 90% of the product, and we will exchange it for a new package of another strain. Our product is ground at a consistent mesh size, vetted for quality and tested for contamintion, but we want you to be happy with every purchase so you have no reason to choose any other supplier.  We do reserve the absolute right to determine abuse of this policy, at our sole discretion, and in such cases, we reserve the right to ban a customer from future sales.  A solid relationship depends on mutual honesty and respect from both parties.

A Note on Powder color: Please note that powder color can vary. Despite being sold by color, this specifically refers to the vein color of the leaf prior to powdering. The larger stems are usually removed prior to powdering, so the small amount of vein is not always what colors the final product. The majority of the total content is still composed of the green leaf, which is variable. Variation in growing conditions, age and most of all, drying can all affect the color of the powder. It is very common for one batch of the same strain to vary in color for the next batch. In some cases, this can be drastic to the point where a white may be darker than a red or green, or a red may look green.  There is often a correlation between powder color and vein color, but it is not always true. Some vendors will actually substitute strains when they have variation in color so that their strains remain consistent in terms of color. But we do not do that because true consistency involves offering what the trees provide as it comes.  The product is packaged with strict protocol measures to ensure a strain can never be mislabeled, and with our variety, there is no incentive for us to substitute something intentionally without customer approval prior in advance. We ask that you keep an open mind when it comes to powder color.

Live Plant Return Policy and Guarantee

We do not accept returns or exchanges on live plants or any type of extracts. However, we do guarantee that all live plants will arrive alive. If a plant arrives dead or sick, we will replace it as long as we are notified and provided with a picture within 2 days of delivery to kratomcollection@gmail.comWe will offer advice when appropriate, and we will offer replacements to any plants that cannot be saved.

If a box is damaged in transit, please provide appropriate pictures, so we can file a claim with USPS.